Greetings. My name is Nikita, I'm a product designer with years of experience in creating digital design for clients globally.

Specialize in mobile applications design, web design.

I don't just draw pretty rectangles, I solve problems and build products that actually work.

I'm passionate about projects that truly matter, projects that make people's lives easier, more comfortable, and healthier.

I work in the format of subscriptions for services, this method the most honest and transparent.

Few examples showcasing my projects.

Meow - Fintech app

􁊘Editors’ Choice􁊙

􁊮 App design

􁟫 Desktop version

􁻧 2 month deadline

Urban Village - Smart neighborhood app

􁊮 App design

􁻧 1 month deadline

Nexon - Finance management

Nexon - Finance management

􁟫 Desktop version

􁻧 1 month deadline





Strong simple and clear experience.


Aesthetically appealing design.


Respect for time.


Quick but efficiently work.


No dumb calls.

Application design

App design

Ideal for those with a continuous demand for design endeavors and a desire to expand.


1 month average deadline


Unlimited revisions


Clickable prototype


App icon


App store / Google play graphics


Figma source file

Live website

The magic of design combined with technological excellence. Your website is not just beautiful, but also impressively effective.


1 month average deadline


Unlimited revisions


Live website, hosting/domain


Video Instructions



Custom request

For large-scale projects that require a special perspective and long-term support.


All of the above


From 3 month availability

I work Independently and you’re not paying for an office full of people you don’t need.

Depending on the task, I can assemble a global team remotely. So that exactly the right talent works for you.

And no one else.

Transform your vision into reality.